On May 17th 2013, Qyi-Chu give birth to... 8 puppies: 4 male and 4 female. The mother and the puppies are all going well!!

I would like to share with you my love of the Tibetan Terrier. These wonderful animals fill our lives so well.

We chose this particular breed because it knows how to communicate its joy of life and its Olympian calmness with us.

When searching for my perfect breed, I wanted a dog with the following characteristics: a dog with a joyous outlook on life, gentle with children, lively when appropriate, but also calm in the house. After many months of research, literature searches and discussions with experienced breeders, search led to  the Tibetan Terrier, a wonderful breed although not well known. My quest took me overseas where I discovered two excellent examples of this breed. Both have participated in different national and international championships in France, where they obtained excellent marks. This allows me to offer you a noble descendent of these foundation dogs.

I hope that this visit will give you the passion that drives me and maybe you will discover a companion that will be the answer to your dreams.

Do not hesitate to communicate with me. I will try to answer your questions and your comments will be gratefully received.

Have a nice tour!

- Claire